On February1st, the International Divsion of PKUES(JX)  held a Poetry Presentation for Chinese New Year Celebration. It is a good opportunity for our students to express themselves with a variety of skills. This event is lined with our unit of poetry. The students understood that the creative communication is developed through the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature and culture, beliefs and values. Look the following illustrations and the details from our students.

201921, 我校国际部初中举行了新春诗会。这是让学生用多样化形式来表达自我的一次好机会。这次活动是第二单元诗言志教学的一部分。学生理解了创造性的表达是通过发现并表达思想、感受、自然文化、信仰和价值而发展起来的。 在这个过程中,同学们感悟颇深。

屏幕快照 2019-02-03 上午6.09.55.pngIn this unit, I learned various methods and techniques of "communication" and "expression". I learned how to communicate with my classmates and teachers through teamwork, making posters, poetry recitation and video production. In the poetry presentation, I selected "thoughts with feet" to convey the poet's thoughts and feelings through visual and auditory effects such as emotional recitation, music, and pictures.


 ——方浚文( Eric Fang

I felt that this poetry study was different from what I learned in the previous school. In the past, I just read it by heart and explained it. This study enabled me to have an in-depth understanding of the social background of the poet and the background of his poetry creation, learned about many historical events, and better had an understanding of the feelings expressed by the poet. In class, we had group activities, had communication and discussion, sharing, which made learning enjoyable, and I feel to enhance the friendship of classmates.

这次学习和以往大不相同,可以深入了解诗人所处的社会背景和诗歌创作的背景, 了解到很多历史事件, 更能理解诗人抒发的情感。在课堂上,通过小组活动,交流讨论,互相分享,感受到学习的乐趣,感觉增进了同学的友谊。

—— 毛嘉诚( Jerry Mao

屏幕快照 2019-02-03 上午6.10.37.pngOur group presented Su Shi's "Nian Nujiao. Chibihuaigu". During the group work, each student reached a consensus on this Ci through continuous study of relevant materials and group sharing and communication. We put the music with pictures while reciting this Ci due to strengthening the expression. 


 ——吕子衡( Felix Lv

Our group presented the poem of Mulan. In the group activities, we realized the importance of communication. When we finished the presentation of the English part, we realized the importance of being bilingual in Chinese and English. We want to thank Nana for her help. Poetry also promotes our ability to do research, selection and use information online.


 ——蓝欣翎、丁一珈、易瑾(Daisy L, Mary, Jenny

I think the preparation of the poem shows the importance of communication. Communication occurs throughout the process of selecting poems, inquiring about materials, and discussing ways to present them. Communication with Miss. Zhao is indispensable for getting help.


—— 张雨萱(Vivi)

The poem "Farewell" is the creation of Li Shutong. Our group used the form of singing the farewell to express the feeling of reluctant to part. Ms. Beth, the music teacher, accompanied us. Reflecting on this activity and our learning in the whole unit, we mainly let ourselves explore and learn, solve each problem in communication, and we are proud of ourselves to create own poems with the skills of poetic expression we learned.

《送别》这首诗是李叔同创作的,我们小组用歌唱的形式把送别时依依不舍之情表达了出来。音乐老师Ms.  Beth为我们伴奏。反思这次活动以及我们整个单元的学习,主要是让我们自己去探索学习,在交流中解决一个个问题,并用学到的诗歌表现技巧来创作自己的诗歌。

—— 刘思含( Coco L)

"Image" is one of the most important ways to express emotions in poetry. The poem "A Bouquet" chosen by our group expresses the process of lovers from love to break through changing images. At first, our understanding of poetry stayed in the literal meaning, finally we could enter the world of the author through continuous reading, analysis of the image, and the feelings of the poet, and also enter the world of ourselves.


 —— 易佳成、王可 (Joney , Coco Wang)

Poetry can express the author's thoughts and feelings as well as influence the reader's thoughts and feelings. The poetry our group chose is "Life is like summer flowers", in which "If you lose the sun and shed tears, then you will also lose the constellation." Inspired me. It tells me: Don't lose more because you lose something.


——年宜亚 (Tanya )

 I became more confident, and I was able to express myself better, both in poetry readings and in communication with group members and teachers. By practicing on the stage again and again, we are no longer strange and fearful of the stage. And through communication with the teacher, we learned how to use the voice to express the emotions in the poems, and easily say the lines. We have increased our courage by reading poetry.

我变得更加自信和大胆,能更好地表达自己,不论是在诗歌朗诵的时候,还是在和小组成员以及老师的交流中。通过一次次上台练习,我们对舞台不再陌生和恐惧。并且通过和老师的沟通,我们学会了如何用声音表达出诗歌中的情感,轻松自如地说出台词。我们通过朗诵诗歌提高了胆量。                         ——林金子健、杨钿钿(Ken, Sweety

My technology skills improved through making iMovie.  I learned how to filter information and manage time more efficiently, especially when teammates can't practice. When I read "Youth China", I practice it again and again to make my voice more powerful so that the audience can feel the momentum.


 ——洪希妍 (Ella) 

Each line of poetry is the essence of concentration. Poetry is the creation of emotions. The poet expresses his feelings through poetry. Poetry also shows the poet's "world" and their worldview, showing their judgment of things.



Our students learned how to express themselves in this activity, which enhanced their confidence and the ability to cooperate. 


The teachers recited "You are the April of the World" and pushed the poetry to a climax. Let us bring the love, the warmth, the hope together to meet the arrival of the Spring Festival. We wish you a happy Chinese New Year!


(供稿:邹林华 孙世媛   摄影:高延虎)


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